Business Infrastructure refers to the general design of your network and systems. In a simple sense, it is how you will organize your network from the point of view of Internet access, routers and switches, wireless networking, users and passwords, wiring, layout and other top-down design.

What this means is if you are moving to a new office, or setting up an office (or home office) and need to know what equipment is best suited to your situation and environment, this is infrastructure planning. It may involve hiring electricians to install structured wiring, or where to build a wiring closet or server room to house equipment.

Wallace IT caters to small businesses so we tend to support the infrastructure of smaller networks with simple needs. We try to work within budget, but also will recommend the best design for your needs and future growth. Electrically noisy environments may need fiber optic, while very hot environments may require a server room that is specially cooled, or a hardware rack with cooling. Dirty environments will need special air filtration, and quiet environments may need systems to be as quiet as possible. If you need to upgrade or add switches, firewall or router, configure wireless access, or any other infrastructure, we can help consult and plan the installation.

Infrastructure may also involve network storage devices, servers, backup systems, networked devices, shared resources, and other company-wide needs.