Send a Payment

Dwolla is the preferred method of payment at Wallace IT Solutions. It is a direct bank transfer service that bypasses the high fees associated with credit cards. You will be asked for your email address and a password. Once you are in, you will connect the service to your bank for the transfer.

If you already have a Dwolla account or used it in the past, simply log in and you are ready!

If you received an invoice, you can pay any amount toward it, I am flexible, but I do prefer amounts paid in full; and some types of work won't be started until the invoice is paid.

Dwolla is safe and secure, read here for more information.

Wallace IT also accepts Paypal secondarily but we don't prefer it due to the much higher fees associated.

Click the button below and you will be able to enter your own price on the next screen. Click "update total" after changing the price, and then finish checkout. I will send an updated invoice once the payment comes in.



You can also send a check if you prefer that method. Make it payable to "Wallace IT Solutions" and send to this address: