Wallace IT, being a full-service IT company, also offers web-related services to help you optimize, build, or grow your online presence. If your small business has no website at all, we can help you get started, get up a basic informational website to get your company profile and contact data online. For local businesses, we can help get you listed in ways to help attract local attention. If you desire a much larger online presence or are a national company and expect and design a high-traffic website, this tends to have additional concerns regarding the speed of hosting and backup solutions and maker sure your site is on a robust system.

We can build anything from a one-page online brochure, to a blog site and community, to setting you up with an online forum or company intranet, or whatever it is you need to best support your business. Most businesses have slightly unique needs for their online presence, but one thing is sure, ALL businesses should have a home on the web! Everybody searches the Internet to find businesses, a website will almost always increase customers and bring in some more contacts.

A website also allows you to offer certain unique features of doing business with you, such as allowing potential customers to download forms or questionnaires, provide contact information, and even schedule appointments by managing a calendar. If you have goods to sell, ecommerce is always an option as well.

As usual, we want to consult with you about your needs before we start throwing out solutions. Depending on the size of the website, frequency of content changes, customized features needed, we have built fully custom websites, to using Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Wordpress, Joomla, MODx, or shopping carts such as Presta Shop, Network Solutions, Shopify, and more. It also depends on budget, whether you want a self-hosted or fully hosted and managed system, how much tech support you want, and the level of customizing you need.

We offer all necessary graphic design support during this process as well. Do you have an old logo that needs a refresh? Need a few banners on your website? Need a product brochure or just need someone to do a little Photoshop magic on your self-portrait? We can take care of your graphics needs as well, as part of designing your new website, redesigning your existing website, giving your site a fresh once-over, or just helping you update your business cards. Let us know what you need and all work and cost will be customized to the job.