Care Plan Signup Agreement

Thanks for choosing Wallace IT for your website maintenance needs!

The following form is for contact information. When done, we'll follow up with you for things like access codes, passwords, and set up billing. If you have any questions, we can discuss them before any payments are made.

To learn about the plans, visit the Care Plans page.

If you have a technical lead different from the billing person above, please provide their details below.

There is an onboarding fee of $199 for setting up a new site with a plan, to cover initial audits, cleanup, and configuration.

We prefer an automatic monthly payment if possible. If there are projects or additional work performed, this time is approved first and can be invoiced separately or added to the following invoice depending on your billing method. We are flexible!

Cancel any time, no long term contracts. For companies who choose to pay 6 or 12 month cycles, we don't refund unused months. If there is a chance you might not need services, please choose monthly! We are also flexible if you want to switch the plan to another website, or use your prorated leftover retainer time for general web dev work instead.

Upgrades and Downgrades
You can upgrade your plan or add an addon at any time. For monthly billing cycles the following month will have the new price. If you paid a 6 or 12 month increment, we can prorate and bill the difference for the rest of your cycle.

If you want to downgrade, it will be changed on the next billing cycle. For a 6 or 12 month cycle, the difference will be calculated as retainer time to be used for tickets and web dev work as needed.

Project Work
We are available for larger projects if needed. These projects are conducted as a separate transaction from the care plans because they may span a longer time period or involve a different website entirely. These larger projects may be billed as hourly labor or as a flat project fee. Billing for hourly projects goes out every 2 weeks. Billing for flat rate is done in three installments at the beginning, middle, and end of the project.

Billing and Payments
Automatic payments will go out on the 1st of the month. If you are not on an automatic payment, your invoice will be sent on the 1st, by email, to the billing person named in this form.

A late fee of 10% is added if payment is not received by the 15th of the month, this fee will be added on the following month's bill. A fee of $30 is charged for a bounced check.

Timing of Maintenance Work
The maintenance work on your website typically takes place in the 3rd or 4th week of the month, with your report being emailed after work is complete.

On a Gold plan, maintenance is performed twice a month, which will be 1st and 3rd weeks, or 2nd and 4th weeks of the month.

For Silver, Gold, and High Priority addon sites, various notifications, tickets, and downtime are checked out as they happen at any time of the month.

Company Hours and Ticket Response Time
We strive for a 1 day turnaround on tickets with simple problems. Larger tasks and projects may carry on longer or if we need more information or other assets.

Extra time beyond included retainer time must be approved first unless you pre-buy extra retainer time, or make prior arrangements for a certain amount of automatic approved time by default. This lets us start work quicker without having to wait for communications back and forth.

Our normal business hours are 9-5 MST, Mon-Fri for ticket and project work and don't include weekends. For High Priority addons, we receive tickets outside these hours for quicker response.